Haikyuu !!


people always focus on what outcomes you have but have you ever noticed even if Haikyuu talks about loads of matches there, no matter what happens in the ending or who wins the game, it’s not revealed who blames them. only they blame themselves. it moves me a lot because I’m the person who immerses myself in progress more than sequences.

just like Kita. we couldn’t like them in real life and there’s always radiates hilarious and encouraged moments there, awesome teamwork included. of course its has ups and downs but mostly is very joyful. I find it’s the main reason why fandom love Haikyuu so much. also when I finished Haikyuu, I gained bunch of powers each time. it’s emotional and resembles us closely. 

we may feel like drowning or struggling in life sometimes.

“ died at 25 and aren’t buried until they are 75.” this sentence is actually my whole feeling when I finished it. one day, I and my friends had party at hotel and didn’t sleep all night and then we went to restaurant to have breakfast. then I saw someone played volleyball through the window, I saw the light suddenly. because they’re full of energy, it’s what we lack in our hasty and in a rut life.


how can I figure it out and continue my whole journey? 
one amazing work can shape and change you entire life but also you probably couldn’t move on from those plots as well. there’s a lot quotes and moments can remind you in this harsh and handful life no matter what (;

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