blue period

I love this work so much and actually it starts in club life in high school. but it’s not like Haikyuu, it’s for drawing club and I find it actually focuses on University life. there’s anime and only 12 episodes in S1, drawing is not like to be worked in teamwork, it mostly is working in individual. so if u have expectations for it to be like sport club story, I have to say it’s not.

but what makes me love it so much and highly recommend it? because character’s development is pretty enough and it’s quite story but I have never felt bored of it. story is consecutive and strong content, characters there are interesting and different from each other.

it talks a lot meaning and kind of deep thoughts and a little bit like seinen type. also if you’re interested in drawings, I strongly recommend you can read it (; you may get bunch of inspirations there. 

one thing I’m very sad is- because it’s not like MHA or demon slayer, I find there’s a few people talk about it and I couldn’t find the fans acc either. I technically want to see more reviews of it or see more fandom hype it up. ;( I want to do interactions with more people 

fav character: Tanakashi 
fav part: when Tanakashi argues with Yatora 

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