before read a work, you may have a bit expectation or imagination there. also before read a work, I always do google what outline of it. but you always never know what’s the real story there. whether it reaches your expectations or not? Is this overrated or underrated?

as my very personal opinions, I have some reviews as the following- 

over my expectation: 
⁃ Haikyuu 
(since garbage dump and the ending wowed me, I totally fell in love with it since then) 
⁃ assassination classroom 
(Koro sensei is the best teacher and I cried a lot) 
⁃ the fable (it could be seinen genre but believe me it’s very smooth) 
⁃ 20th century boy 
(damn awesome and the meaning there got me goosebumps) 
⁃ my home hero (very suspicious work) 
- tokyo revengers 
(it wowed me and couldn’t stop binging it then) 
⁃ silver spoon 
(work, it’s simple but very strong content)

same as my expectation: 

⁃ jujutsu kaisen 
⁃ sakamoto days
⁃ parasite 
⁃ blue period 

- slam dunk

unreachable expectation: 
⁃ Spy family 
I know it’s popular but I thought it was very cool and like battle and action genre. I didn’t expect it tends to comedy. but I truly love Loid 😂 he’s so handsome and comedy is very heartwarming ED 

⁃ demon slayer
anime is doing very well but I got it in Manga firstly so…but it’s good as well 

⁃ blue box
it’s very enjoyable ride while I read but I thought it was like Haikyuu. it tends to Shoujo more than Shonen 

ok just named a few but I mean all of them is pretty awesome work with no doubt. even if it’s unreachable, its my own opinions. please don’t mind and spy family and demon slayer are utterly fantastic in anime I promise (;

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