haikyuu - Oikawa

Yeah, I officially got around to Haikyuu and I can finally tell you - yes, Oikawa is afraid of Kageyama surpassing him and I can see his inferiority. In his flashback, he wanted to slap Kageyama and I could feel he pretty desired to kill him. Kageyama is a menace to him. Competition and jealousy are awful thing, I can feel his pain. but we can see oikawa has improved a lot at the ending. I love oikawa’s personality so much, because “ inferiority” is a common sickness that everyone has, it depends on how you figure it out.


He finally choose to face his weakness and has overcome it. He literally works very hard and carries the torch for being captain in AOBAJOUSAI. I can see his frustration and sadness due to lose to Karasuno and they never get into Spring inter-high tournament. I actually love this type of character so much. Always love the way Oikawa is.


And - - - it’s just a volleyball story, should he be so handsome and flawless the way like that? Couldn’t get his debut out of my head, how he looks so bashful and adorable? He is being my top2 in Haikyuu. He’s very intriguing anyhow!!! (;

Also, the last chapter, when he vs kageyama again, it’s certainly impressive and blow my mind!!! Words can’t describe how moving and emotional it is. Their coincidence and majesty… etc. Well done and you made it happen!! We love u Oikawa.


By the way, I want to say, haikyuu pretty focuses on each of one’s friendship development. Like tsukki and yamaguchi, at the beginning, I love them so much, but since I’ve reread Oikawa and Iwaizumi. I can say, their friendship is beyond everything. Because you know, I think yamaguchi is a bit like underling by tsukki, he knows tsukki very well too.

But it seems the reason is he admires tsukki so much, so he is surrounded with him. Let us come back to Oikawa and Iwaizumi, they treat each other as a peer and Iwaizumi truly knows him the most. Always gives Oikawa the best but go for the throat’s advice. It’s very touched and not everyone can do that.

Especially when they lose to Karasuno, Iwaizumi told oikawa he is the best setter and won’t be completely satisfied with everything as always, because he always chases what he wants and has the biggest ambition. Oh… it’s way too emotional and I’m always in tears with it.

Also jealous how they can find soulmate. (:


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