1. Why students fail English tests?

It seems that the wrong education causes the tragedy. Taiwanese people have learned English for so long, even over decades, but less people can speak as fluently as native people.

What I mean is that teachers apple wrong way to teach students. Basically, like pronunciation, grammar, speaking and writing, we often make mistakes about them. Generally, it is hard to learn a language which is totally different from our culture. No debut, English is important to people. It is the key to open the door to the International world. On the other hand, our education is to cram knowledge. Students cannot remember and understand it. At the beginning, students might be interested in learning English, but later they might be bored about it. Maybe it is cliche, I still want to say that people need to learn actively and them you will improve a lot. Otherwise, if students only prepare for exams and then the result is usually not very well. 


2. Learning English requires great effort. If people want to master in English, they need to spend a lot of time on studying English. If people only study a few hours in School, it is hard to improve their English. The important thing is, they should not be shy to speak English in public. All in all, they are not to expected to speaking as fluent as native people. As the saying goes “ Practice makes things perfect.”

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