Global matters

When it comes to travel, most people love it. However, the world is suffering the pandemic, so a lot of countries lock down their borders. Only business people can move around.

If you love travel, you might even concerned about what is happening in the world. Take me for example, I often search google map to look for the countries I have never know. It is a really interesting thing to do. Then, you can finger out many things you do not know.


To be honest, there are many countries are undeveloped and really dangerous, like the countries, in South America, South Asia and whole Africa. Their security is not good. For example, drugs are abused and murders are everywhere. Hundreds and thousands refugees are a big a problem there. However, it is worthy to care about. Recently, I read a Humanitarian Aid article in Yemen. It is a sad thing. They have suffered from the civil war a few years ago, not only Yemen but many countries, too.


Last but not the least, have you ever think about freedom and how important is it? In North Korea, I have noticed this matter for a while. You have never imagined it is a real life happened in 21st century. Most people have own freedom of speech for many decades and it is a reasonable thing in the world. People can also go traveling all over the world whenever they want. We use cell phones and surfer on the Internet, these are common things. However, did you know that in North Korea, Freedom is a luxury thing. They do not own it.


Although Taiwan is a developing country, it has enough happiness more than some other countries. For example, in Indonesia, while you are opening the tap and the water is unclear. Can you imagine it?  Well, I know that people are not always satisfied. Although being born and living in Taiwan are a blessing, I still yearn fro living in South Korea or Japan or Europe.

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