Equality race

The issue Black Lives Matter has been being discussed. It makes me think about a lot. Although I am an Asian person, I am still proud of myself a lot. Now, I have worm common contact lenses and haven’t colored my hair for so long. Why? I love my black hair. I love my dark brown eyes and do not need contact lens to make my pupils large. They are all nature parts of mine. These traits stand for who I am as an Asian. However, we call it an Easter Beauty.

Let us extend this issue and then you will find something you have never thought about. A couple of years ago, cultures of South Korea had effected us deeply. Many people wanted to be a Korean. Especially, when someone said You look like a Korean, it was like a praise. When someone said You look like a Thai or a Vietnamese, it sounded like a teasing. Why? What the hell? Can it be call a racism? As I know many Thais and Vietnameses are so beautiful. Their personalities are kind and passionate. When I stayed aboard and traveled to Europe, I have met Blacks as well. They were truly kind to me and helped me a lot. Generally, many super models, actors and actresses are Black, too. They are talented and fabulous. They have big heart and open minded.

Let us get back to the business, I mean, the inly thing you need to do is loving and accepting yourself. Black, White and Asian, we are all human beings. We can do everything and we are gifted and gorgeous. No matter what kind of person you are. I encourage all of you to think about what makes you special and find out who you are. Everyone of us is unique, Black, White and Asian, let us make our earth peaceful and full of love.

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