Technology changes

As a person, who lives in 21st century, this is the issue I know the most, meanwhile, I am facing this issue, too.

For example, at the airport, auto check-in will replace ground staff. Here are some reasons.

First, companies can lower the cost from hiring staff. Second, it is a trend in the future, for example, in Denmark and Sweden. They have already done it. It is fast and convenient. Nowadays , at the fast-food restaurants they have done it as well. There are many auto order machines there. It is so convenient for people to order to buy them.

However, it causes some problems. For older, they do not understand hoe to use these technology. Also, if you have questions, you still need to go to the desk and ask in person. At the airport, there are the same problems as well. You probably have some questions and need to ask staff. Like in 2020, we all suffered from COVID-19, many employers ask staff to work from home. They do it based on the advanced technology. So people can work from home by high-tech.

Therefore, as I know, Japanese are not use to this way of work. They prefer to talk to people face to face. Although technology are advanced, still some countries are not use to it. It is effected by their culture and habits.

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